Cardboard Boxes or Crates — which is best for packing?

For moving house, or other large to medium-sized moves, we recommend to hire crates (strong plastic boxes) for a more organised and cost-effective move. If you’re not moving a huge amount of stuff — e.g. flat or small apartment — cardboard boxes would probably be more suitable.
People usually buy cardboard boxes for the purpose of keeping things in storage after moving.

Advantages of Crates over Cardboard Boxes

  • Crates are stronger and sturdier than cardboard, so can be stacked higher in the van or truck. This is especially an advantage for a large house move as it would mean less trips back and forth, saving overall cost.
  • Crates are returned after a few days, unlike boxes which would have to be disposed of.
  • Crates are more environmentally friendly than boxes.
  • Crates are easier to carry than boxes.
  • Crates are strong and durable so no worries about falling apart under the weight, or cardboard boxes could get wet if it’s raining etc.
  • Crates are lidded so don’t need to be taped and fastened as boxes do.
  • Crates are easier to stack in your new home while you’re waiting to unpack.
  • Crates can be nested in each other when empty, so don’t take up too much space when storing to be collected 

Cardboard Boxes are ideal if

  • you’re moving a small apartment or flat.
  • you don’t plan on unpacking everything immediately, or want to keep items packed in storage.

We have quality cardboard boxes available and ready to deliver to your door.

  • Boxes are double-wall for extra strength.
  • Normal delivery times will be Monday—Friday (see note on delivery).