For office moves or commercial moves, crate hire is most suitable, saving your business the cost of disposing of cardboard as well as the assurance that fragile office equipment can be transported more safely using crates.

Crate Measurements (Internal)


MM 597 374 330
IN 23.5 14.7 13
  1. Contact us saying how many crates you need, for how long. (The lowest price is for holding the crates up to 7 days).
  2. Crates are delivered to your door (see note on delivery)
  3. We will need a form to be signed, and ID presented, before handing over the crates.
  4. Payment for crate rental is in advance.
  5. We return on the day agreed to collect the crates (normally 7 days later).

Prices for Delivery or Collection of Crates

Prices quoted below are not including VAT, and are for delivery/collection of crates in the Dublin area. (Contact us for prices outside of Dublin). We offer best prices for crates, so write us your price and we can discuss it. For bigger plans of crates we offer discounts and better prices.

Prices of Hiring Crates for 1 Week + Delivery & Collection (1€ per crate per week)

20 CRATES €20 €80 €100
30 CRATES €30 €80 €110
40 CRATES €40 €80 €120
50 CRATES €50 €80 €130
60 CRATES €60 €100 €160

Collection of Crates

  • Crates will normally be collected 7 days later.
  • If crates will not be ready to collect at the agreed day and time, please contact us in writing with 24 hours notice — by text to 086 871 3431, or
  • Crates kept longer than the agreed time will have to be charged extra.
  • The charge for crates missing or damaged will be €30 per crate.